Tuesday, December 15, 2015

4 Anime Buzzfeed And Playbuzz Quizzes You Don't Want To Miss

Besides contests and casual cosplay, I've found enjoyment in a series of anime quizzes this year. For this post, I've decided to compile my results and the links to the sites in hope that we can learn a bit about each other! Let's get started!

1. Which Miyazaki Character Are You?

No Face is probably my favorite character from Spirited Away ^.^

2. Which Female Anime Character Are You? Version 2.0

Hiyori Iki -Not familiar with this character, but hopefully will be soon!

3. Which Anime World Do You Belong In?

Watched an episode or two of this show. It's put on hold right now because of Naruto :P

4. Which Anime Character Are You?

I was kinda stoked to get this one xD

Please feel free to question and comment about my results and don't forget to share your results on here too!