I'm a one year anime fanatic and (going on) three year blogger. It's about time I wrote one of these. Just like this description, my blog is a little disorganized, but what can I say? That's just who I am. Besides disorganized, I can be best described by the following tagline:
an artist, a writer, a future graphic designer, excited to see where God's path leads me
As I've already indicated, my blogging isn't regular, but neither am I. I was homeschooled for kindergarten, preschool, and from eighth grade on. The rest of the time I was public-schooled. I currently attend a community college, and next year I plan on going to Greenville College. The best way you can learn about me however *shamelessly self-promotes* is by reading my posts. Here's a small list to get you started:

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Wondering why Ladies of the Press?

As I've indicated above, I have a passion for art and writing. In the world outside the Internet, the press is the place where these two entities typically converge. Ladies of the Press, then, is a spot where I can share my ideas about the two topics, completely free of charge. But why Ladies? Well, when I was thinking of specific examples of art and writing coming together at the press, I recalled Little Women and the sister's Pickwick Club and faux family newspaper. Through this product of the press, each of the sisters (or Ladies) wholeheartedly embraced their passions as well as their faith. It is my wish for myself and others to be able to use my blog, The Press, in much the same way.

Why anime?

It only takes a quick look around this site to find that anime is one aspect of art I frequently choose to explore. The reason for that is, in the past year, I feel like God has called me to share my faith with others through anime. There are many occasions in which He has confirmed this, but the most memorable time was when he spoke to me through Matthew 11:25, "Then Jesus prayed this prayer: 'O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding the truth from those who think themselves so wise and clever, and for revealing it to the childlike." From what I've seen in a variety of instances, anime is a medium viewed by many as very childlike, but because of this I believe God has the power to reveal great truth through it. And because of Him showing this verse to me, I believe that one of the ways He hopes to reveal great truth is through me. After this revelation, I was still a bit leery of following God's will, especially when I considered the controversy that surrounds anime in the Christian world of today. But that's when He told me, "You have to get your hands dirty in order to dig the diamond out," so now I push through.

Interested in my artwork?

So you've seen my writing, and now you want to view my art. Well, you can get a glimpse of my design work in What Doesn't Kill You Makes You! Want to see more? Follow my Twitter and Wattpad accounts if you'd like. If you need a private way of contacting me, please do so at ladiesofthepress@gmail.com. Anyway, thanks for checking me out, and whether you're a lady or a gentleman, I hope you enjoy being part of The Press!