I grew up in a Christian home, so I was introduced to the concept of the Trinity at a young age. When I was in kindergarten and preschool we didn’t live near the best of school districts, so I was taught at home, undoubtedly learning many of the most important principles of Christianity from my mom. In first grade I attended public school, and much to my fortune, a wonderful lady from my church taught the class I was in. There, many seeds were also planted and watered, as I was constantly told how much God loved me, as well as many other nuggets of wisdom from the long-time believer. In third grade, I joined what was called The Good News Club -an after school event also taught by a member of my church at that time. Through his teaching at these weekly meetings, I absorbed much more than I ever had about what it means to be a Christian. I continued to learn from this group through their resource, The Good News Letters. As I read through each lesson, and responded to the questions that followed, I was introduced to salvation. I remember praying “the prayer” and wanting to share with all my friends what I had just experienced. When I was eleven, I attended my first church camp, and I realized that although I hadn’t walked away from God, I hadn’t necessarily been working on my relationship with Him. I also considered that I maybe hadn’t fully understood the weight of my words when I first gave my life to Christ, or the fact that it isn't a prayer that saves you. So that week I not only re-surrendered my life to Christ, but since then I have also rededicated it. In seventh grade I had some trouble with the kids in my school, so I went back to being homeschooled again from eighth grade on. My mom’s teaching as well as an apologetics course or two and some Christian co-ops we were involved in once again helped to strengthen my faith. When I got to college three semesters ago, Jesus continued to do a mighty work in my life. He broke me away from the pattern of solely involving myself with mutually exclusive groups of Christian people, and because of this I was able to build strong relationships with people I probably never would’ve got to know if it hadn't been for Him. I’ve been able to share my faith, as well as better understand the beliefs of others. It hasn’t been easy, but God’s always been sovereign to me. I hope you’ve been as blessed by this testimony as I have! It used to always seem like an “average Christian testimony” to me, but I’ve begun to realize that each testimony is special in it’s own way, because it involves God and His amazing plan for each of us! I can’t wait to see how He continues to carry out His plan for me and what He does in the lives of you as well! God bless.